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Tall Tales & True of an Urban Hopi COVER


The Urban Hopi walks between two worlds.

A roving reporter with a brief that includes the wild, the wacky, conspiracy theories and celebrity gone mad, he must satisfy a hard-nosed editor and a voracious readership.
Nothing is too far “out there” in their insatiable quest for info-tainment.

But as a devotee of the Hopi faith he is also constantly in the realm of spirit.
The wisdom of the Great Mystery travels with him and the Four Directions guide him as he struggles to integrate a world out of balance and an inner world of deep connection.

In these two short stories the Urban Hopi wrestles with the madcap mischief a bungling UFO crew wreak on an Australian outback town more used to beer than what lies beyond.

And then The Urban Hopi goes on assignment in Las Vegas where he encounters Jesus Christ, Elvis Presley and a dive called The Ramrod Lounge.

How much of this is real and who will believe it?

The Urban Hopi walks on.
It’s not easy living between two worlds….

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