Podcast: “Call Me Sir Ben”

Call Me Sir Ben #2:

Phil Jeng Kane and myself pondercasting to the world.

It was a frantic day at The Ghost Who Walks function centre and pizzeria aka CALL ME SIR BEN HQ.
But Bid and Phil still found time to preview the upcoming budget, redeem Dr Karl, give the Australian Federal Police a jolly good seeing to, answer some of the deep questions about relationships in the digital age, PJK reviewed the movie “Boychoir”, we re-introduced some good ol’ fashioned Aussie slang, gave a shout out to The Phantom and Bid shamelessly plugged his music.
And that was all before lunchtime….

Phil Jeng Kane and Kym Bidstrup pondercast the really BIG issues:

“Call Me Sir Ben” is Phil Jeng Kane and myself discussing the ways of the world.

What could possibly go wrong?

The theme was composed, played and recorded by me using a Novation keyboard, SONY ACID, MAGIX MM and an uncontrolled feral Senate of VSTIs.

No PUPs were hurt in the making of this recording although a Xenophon was slightly damaged during the jazz solo.

The promos were recorded in the Jeremy Clarkson Suite of the Hotel Grand Stefanovic in Karlsbad.

Karl’s very, very bad.

But that’s morning tv for you.

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